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Move Over, Rover

In the midst of diaper-changing and nap scheduling, Sparky’s droopy brown eyes begging for attention can be downright annoying. He is no longer “the baby”; he is now just a pet whose needs can be met three times a day with a few pats in between. more »

Feb 5, 2012 -playground- (2 Comments)

Abstracts Ignite Easton's Art Scene

Not satisfied with the subject matter of most art she sees for sale in Easton, which she refers to as the “Four Bs—birds, boats, barns, and bay,” Clark offers Eastonians an alternative interpretation of what art is and does. more »

Dec 7, 2011 -the-studio-

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The Busy Pace of Retirement

Doris gets to the bottom of this whirlwind of senior activity. more »


A Period of Adjustment

Doris gets a little crazy and throws out her old routine. more »

Mar 16, 2012 THE RETIRED LIFE (3 Comments)

That dream job—it's yours in just 30 years

Doris ponders life without an alarm clock. more »

Nov 8, 2011 THE RETIRED LIFE (3 Comments)