I'll Never Be On Oprah

There are some traits or inclinations that aren’t necessarily passed down. I’ve got more hair than my father does. I don’t eat as many Snyder’s Pretzels. And numbers don’t speak to me the way they do to him. more »

Feb 2, 2014 7:17 PM -playground- 7 Comments

Diving Dog Creative Solutions

Lighting Up the Creek

“The idea was to extend the Oxford tradition of having that one sailboat lit up at the head of the creek. He wanted a creek full of lit-up spars. Then it became trees. And it went on for years, but never got traction.” more »

Dec 17, 2013 8:38 PM -lifestyle- 3 Comments

Building Stories: Holy Trinity Church in Oxford

The fractured skull came between baptism and confirmation at Holy Trinity Church in Oxford, MD. It was only later that I learned that wasn’t a normal rite of passage, just a bonus reserved for the clumsy few. more »

Oct 17, 2013 7:56 PM -downtown-

Building a Summer Bucket List

This list is often amended as the season wears on, changing longer trips to short ones or adding newly discovered hikes and haunts. In all cases we approach the list with the discipline of any summer school task: with half-hearted diligence. more »

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A Town in Your Blood, a River in Your Eyes

Growing up on the water, in a small town, there were two skills—being able to ride your bike and being able to swim—that guaranteed childhood independence and your ability to participate in just about anything worth doing. more »

May 13, 2013 1:10 PM -downtown- 7 Comments

Oxford: The Town that Transcends Time

Though nearly thirty years have passed since I explored Oxford by bike, not much has changed. The eleven-year-old girl I used to be would feel quite comfortable in twenty-first century Oxford. more »

Apr 25, 2013 8:58 PM -downtown- 2 Comments

Courtesy of Erin Bernau

There's Something About a Ferry

There are no U-turns, no gridlock, no highway rest stops, no security lines. Ferries mean hard-to-get-to locations, accompanied by expansive views and the white noise of the foamy waves. more »

Sep 11, 2012 9:54 PM -the road- 1 Comments

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Celebrating Oxford's Nautical Tradition

The Port of Oxford is hosting the Second Annual Nautical Festival and Flea Market on Saturday, September 1. Since Oxford’s founding, its prosperity has been anchored in the river, and it has risen and fallen like the waters along the shorelines. more »

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Oxford Enters Into High-Level Negotiations Over Aquatic Recreation

Phil covers breaking news from Oxford's latest hearing. more »

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