kids en-us Easton Savvy, LLC Fri, 17 Jan 2014 09:19:00 GMT Letting Bella Go We had known about the opportunity for years. After all, serving as a faculty member for Semester at Sea (SAS) was part of my stepfather-in-law’s job description.

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Mid-Shore Fun in the Summertime Whether it's making mud pies, performing for a crowd, serving up an ace, or exploring a lighthouse, the summer camps and drop-in programs in our area provide something for everyone.

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Tricks For Using Up Treats Our candy-free stoop is not an attempt to change the world or even keep candy entirely out of our house; it’s really just our way of lightening the load of artificially sweetened garbage that the kids lug home on the last day of October.

A Nationals Family Affair The names of every Nationals baseball player are written on our back door in bright-colored window markers. This master Nats list is the work of our ten and seven-year-old daughters.

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A Perfect Pear “We didn’t know all the sacrificing that would be involved when we were envisioning the business, dreaming big,” explains Alice. “I had no idea because before this I was home for three years with babies while Jordan was working in restaurants."

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A Five State Day We passed sights that made us laugh like the RV Hall of Fame and squealed with surprise when Mitt Romney’s motorcade flew past us on the interstate. The trip was—literally and figuratively—full of peaks and valleys.

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Shutting Up a Snoring Spouse Mr. Unsavory tackles problems of the slumbering variety.

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The Wrong Kind of Sleepover Ms. Savvy encourages the judgment to flow freely.

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Potty Talk It might look funny to see a child doing his or her business atop a Fisher Price Frog-shaped potty in the back of an SUV, but it sure beats wiping it off the slides or swings. As the Girl Scouts say: “Be prepared.”

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Learning New Roles I am trying to be realistic in realizing that this is our world, her time has come to enter it with some more independence, and I can’t—for the life of me—find a bubble big enough to put around her.

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The Definition of a Dad I was blessed, as it were, with two fathers: a biological and a stepfather who later adopted me some 25 years ago. Though these men ultimately both love me, one took care of me and the other abandoned me.

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U-Pick on the Eastern Shore There are few family activities that yield as much as a morning or afternoon picking fruits. Farms all over the Shore offer opportunities to gather nature's summer treats, while teaching lessons from the land.

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What's After Life? Allowing children to choose their favorite underwear color seems harmless, but is it just as harmless to let them find their own spiritual path and figure out what they believe in as opposed to following in the footsteps of their parents?

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Goodbye Private School It had already been a struggle the year before—several hundred dollars extra a month meant we had stripped away as much as we could (cable: gone; YMCA membership: canceled; eating out: unnecessary).

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Camping on the Shore: Assateague For the true beach ambiance—relaxation without a lot of distractions—the walk-in sites are the way to go. You park in a designated spot and walk 200 feet down a wooden boardwalk, until you reach the campsites that lay behind the tufts of wax myrtle.

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What the Pros Know About Capturing Your Child Sometimes you get a better shot if kids don’t see you taking the photo. Think of photographing kids like photographing animals in the wild: you have to observe them and wait to get the shot you want; you can’t force it.

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Local Fun in the Summertime On those days when the backyard sprinkler has lost its thrill, there are a ton of camp options in and around the Easton area, whether you are looking for an overnight experience, a day camp, or a drop-in program.

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My Savvy Mom: Straight from the Littlest Big Mouths Get your dose of warm fuzzies and laughs from entries from this year's My Savvy Mom contest. And be on the lookout for those 4 year old moms that are as tall as refrigerators...

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Court Appointed to Care As a Friend of the Court, Slaughter gathers background information from records and interviews key individuals in a child’s life. “We’re not there to evaluate what the system is doing,” she says. “We are there to help the child."

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The Hills Are Alive at Shenandoah Crossing In addition to the beautiful—yet ill-fated—lake, we were able to take advantage of the resort’s indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, equestrian center for pony rides, putt-putt golf course, hiking trails, and variety of playgrounds.

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