Stories from the Farmers' Market: One Person's Trash



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what a giving heart

Chante, this is a timely piece as we approach Thanksgiving. What an inspiration LuAnn is to all of us - giving of her time, talents, and life to care for others. I love that she picked up trash when she also picked up beach glass for herself. It reminds me that the little things we do, like thank the ocean for sea glass by cleaning it's beaches a bit, build up our hearts and minds to become more generous. Sometimes I think I could never do the things that LuAnn and others have done, but this story reminded me that I can start small and nurture the generous spirit within me. Thank you, LuAnn.

Jill O'Hanlon more than 3 years ago

Love this sotry

It's awesome to learn so much about the 'everyday' people. Thanks, Chante! Love the picture too.

patty more than 3 years ago

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