Summers' Storm



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amazing story!

Wonderfully written article, Rhonda. Thank you for writing this - I heard about Ryan, but didn't know the details. The support that surrounded this boy is so encouraging - we human beings can do amazing things collectively. I'm going to be thankful for being alive today, too. Ditto.

Jill O'Hanlon more than 3 years ago


Awesome article, Rhonda! Thank you Summers Family, again, for sharing with us all a very difficult time in your lives.

Ann Hynes more than 3 years ago

Team Ryan....

Rhonda, thank you so much for writing such a beautiful piece.... Ryan and the Summers family have certainly been to hell and back. I believe the entire Eastern Shore is stronger from this horrific experience! The power of prayer, love and continued hope, will forever embrase this young man, from all who have either heard the stories or know him personally!!!

Parker Spurry more than 3 years ago


So happy for Ryan and his family. Rhonda, really glad you wrote about this.

Amanda Hesser more than 3 years ago

Rhonda's Story

I have to admit I am under a rock and I probably know which one, because I didn't remember this story. Great story Rhonda. Nice piece.

more than 3 years ago

Miracles Really Do Happen!

What a beautiful write up of Ryan's experience! I am holding back tears just reading this remembering what Jamie and Brett and the family went through. What an amazing and miraculous story! It was humbling to watch the community come together to support the family and pray for Ryan. It was confirmation for all of us that Miracles Really Do Happen, we were witnesses to this particular one!!! God is good!

Katie Tolley more than 3 years ago

Beautifully told

I read the first draft of this a few days ago while on vacation and it has stayed with me ~ these are the stories that really get at the essence of this human experience. Bad things happen. Your world can shatter in an instant. But grace and love pour out of the cracks. Bravo to Rhonda, who let the Summers' own words shape this piece.

Amanda Priestley-Callis more than 3 years ago

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