Picturing Home—Part II of Adoption Stories



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Picturing Home - Part II of adoption stories

Nice story but sad that her and her adoptive mom never bonded..

Jean Callis more than 3 years ago


Beautiful story.

kathy bosin more than 3 years ago

To China with love...

What a great story! My husband and I have been home for a little over 4 months with our 2 year ol daughter from China. We know nothing about her birth family, but I know I would personally do anything in this world to help her find them should she choose to walk that path one day. Our daughter feels like she has always been a member of our family, and I hope that will always continue...she may not have the same eyes, the same hair color or skin color, but she is my daughter, my life and I will fight daily for her. We celebrate where our daughter came from, and will continue to do so as she grows up...without her biological parents, her country and the benefits of IA, we wouldn't be blessed with such a beautiful little girl.

Diane Elliott more than 3 years ago

My IA experience

I empathize with Kristen and her struggles. As the blonde Mom of an internationally adopted )IA) now 6 year old Asian girl, I can see my daughter's struggles already.

Our scenario is very different from Kristen's though. We celebrate my daughter's hertitage and the way we came to be a family. We talk about her birthmother as much as and when SHE needs to - her choice. I would love to believe Isabella's identity struggles and questions will not haunt her as she grows older. But I don't know. What I do know is, that for me, and I believe, most, IA families, IA is a spiritual journey and a joyous miracle.

Melanie Taylor Castelli more than 3 years ago

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