Parents of Easton Savvy



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Love the name, love the concept, and love the energy! Best wishes on your new and exciting venture. We welcome you and are so happy you are part of our cool community!

Maureen more than 3 years ago

Parents of Easton Savvy

Great start! So happy for you and all of the staff. Hope you are very proud of yourselves!!

Betsy Miller more than 3 years ago

New Aventure!

We are proud to see you using your talents in such a positive way. Congratulations to you and all of your co-workers on your new adventure.

Betsy and Chuck more than 3 years ago

parents of easton Savy

Great Job - the publication looks great!

Suzanne Murray more than 3 years ago


Great job Patty! What a thrill it was to read your first newspaper article. We got the mental picture of a busy bee place. We think it is great for you to be able to use your talents to highlight your community. It is true that you have a gift for the written word. You are a true multi-tasker! Keep up the good work, and keep those columns coming.
Have a great day and keep the pencil sharpened(new age) oops- keep the lap top working.

MIKE & GEORGIE more than 3 years ago

Nice work!

Nice work Patty on getting this off the ground, a great accomplishment. Looks a very esthetic. Looking forward to future articles. Oh crap, I see I just missed bingo ;-)

Jeff more than 3 years ago

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