From Kyrgyzstan with Love—Part III of Adoption Stories



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"All in a row slept the babies, each of them staring at the door through which bottles and caretakers arrived" Knowing that there are tens of thousands of babies out there bundled up, untouched, unloved, isolated in cribs for months and years at at time is too much, yet its a sad reality. I'm going to cuddle my sleeping baby and pray for all those lonely babies. Thanks for doing the article - I hope it helps these little people find their way home soon.

Neoma more than 2 years ago


Thank you for doing this piece. Adoption is such a wonderful and amazing thing something we have been blessed to experience twice. Reading this article gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes.

Jodi more than 3 years ago


So glad you did a piece on this. Congratulations to the Sadler family! Brings back so many good memories of our own adoption. These children are very special and desire a wonder home and life.

Kyle more than 3 years ago

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