Fostering Permanence—Part I of Adoption Stories



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Thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing this series, I will be waiting for each with baited breath as my husband and I are beginning this journey. I am not expecting the road to having a child to call our own an easy one, but I know it will be so worth it in the end.

Patty Quimby more than 3 years ago

Adoption Stories

This loving story was written by my amazingly crazy sister. For many years I thought she was crazy, there were so many children in and out of the house. I would always have to call our mom at christmas to find out what ages and names of the children so I would have the correct amount of christmas gifts. She was blessed by finding the perfect partner and for finding her calling in life. A win, win for everyone and lucky children to placed in such a crazy (in a good sense) loving family. I'm very proud of what my sister and her best friend / husband have accomplished in their life.

Denise Schoolden Curtiss more than 3 years ago

Love Foster moms/Adoptive moms...

Amazing....I love love love Foster moms and Adoptive moms...I am adopted...I thank God every day my birth mother gave me away. I didn't find out I was adopted until i was 38 years old and I found out by accident (long story) I found my biological family...I have no choice. Love Jean's story and know the son she refers to who is absolutely wonderful...

Barb Clark Burkhardt more than 3 years ago


What an amazing start to our "adoption stories" series, Jean. Thank you for your story and the wonderful voice you tell it in.

Patty more than 3 years ago

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