Born at Home—Part II of Birthing Choices



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Home birth and personal freedoms

Our first child is due in July and I was shocked to discover that the comfortable, secure home birth I anticipated would instead become a fraught and felonious experience.
I can choose to give birth at home, but it will have to be WITHOUT the aid of a birthing professional, since anyone willing to aid us can be charged with a felony (!?!).

Why not just go to the hospital like everyone else, you ask? Well, for many reasons:
1) I vehemently object to being told what to do, especially in such a personal matter and vociferously protest when my choices are being made via legislation.

2) I live roughly 400 yards from the hospital and won't eschew their services if an emergency arose but would prefer to be miserable for the 6-36 hours in the comfort and security of my own home.

3) I'm not afraid of hard work and would prefer to tough it out rather than start the Pitocin-induced cascade of events common in births taking "too long" for the Doctor's schedule.

4) I AM afraid of the dangers inherent in a hospital setting, namely; an alien environment, super-germs, chemical medications and the 1:3 chance of being forced to have MAJOR SURGERY in the form of a C-section.

For the record: I am not immune to medical advice, if something comes up that puts me and/or the baby at a higher risk, I'll seriously consider a trip to the hospital, but right now I'm healthy, fit and ready to do this!

If only I could find a midwife willing to come to Easton. *sigh*

Am I nuts? Probably.
Is it my right to be so? Maybe not for much longer, I hear they're working on a bill . . .

Neoma Rohman more than 3 years ago

Support Safer Births

Thank you for the excellent story, Patty! So happens there is a bill now entering legislature to license Certified Professional Midwives in MD, meaning that anyone who would choose home birth could count on using a licensed, regulated midwife. Even if you do not want a home birth, this bill helps protects families in MD. The website is to sign petition. thanks!

Heather more than 3 years ago

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