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Nice to see you using your talents... spread an interesting & very sweet message into the world, while at the same time giving your woman a wonderful complement. There lies perhaps another moniker to explore: my woman. The English language is so broad, beautiful & complicated ;) Anyway, congrats on getting out there. It's about time, Ol' Man! PS - hope I get an invite should the joyous occasion occur...I

Jennifer Childers more than 3 years ago

Domestic Partner

The latest term I've heard on the West Coast which sounds too much like help :) Loved reading this Brent, lots of chuckles. Look forward to attending your wedding to my daughter-in-law ;) Hmmm Casey, sounds like a proposal to me and as you know Seabrook is a wonderful name to take. There is hope that at least one more son will merry ;)

Leanne Seabrook more than 3 years ago

Quite Pleasnt

very much enjoyed reading your piece, was very correct and insightful hope you get your wish and one day hope yout can refer to Casey as your wife

Denis D more than 3 years ago


I'm with Schaeffer; this was great to wake up to. I also hope you keep writing and posting. I've enjoyed your voice in this as well as previous pieces and I look forward to future installments. On a side note, I also hope you two get hitched. I would love to come and celebrate that event with you! Keep the stories coming!

Arlene Hyatt more than 3 years ago

Keep Writing

Every piece of this kept me with a smirk on my face, it's the absolute truth. I remember being in middle school, telling people about my family. I always stumbled when it came to Casey, step-mom always felt wrong. In my experience, step-moms have been associated with forced love. The woman your father married, that you now have to love because of that marriage. But I've never needed you to marry Casey in order to love her. She was always more than that. She has been there for all of us since I was a baby, I don't remember a moment of my life without Casey involved in it. So although I do resort to calling her my step-mother now, it is for the simplicity of it. Second-mom should become a more popular term.
I enjoyed this so much, it definitely made my morning. Keep writing so that I can enjoy some more.

Schaeffer Seabrook more than 3 years ago

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