Pinching Pennies to Give Them Away



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Great idea!

This is great. Yes it's sad food pantries are shutting down. I love Family Frugal Fun also!

Crystal more than 3 years ago

Great Article

What a great article! I may need to start something like this in my area. It was fun seeing my favorite frugal website referenced. I thought Family Frugal Fun was my little secret but I guess more people are catching on.

Teri more than 3 years ago

Couponing for Charity

Maggie @ Family Frugal Fun has been teaching couponing for charity at her seminars for quite some time now and I'm sure she's pleased to see how its caught on!

Beth more than 3 years ago

Frugal living

Thanks for the frugal blog tip of Family Frugal Fun, Wendy!

Maggie Miller more than 3 years ago

couponing for charity is a great idea!

I love the idea of learning to coupon not only for saving your family money, but for donating to shelters. Food pantries and shelters are shutting down all over the country at a time when they are most needed. Thank you, Wendy Basil, for being an example to us all. You've started something remarkable and inspire many. Thanks!

Jill O'Hanlon more than 3 years ago