My Candidate: The Case for Obama



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No to Obama and all warmongers

Barrack Obama signed the NDAA. Barrack Obama extended the Patriot Act. Barrack Obama continues to use the fear and threat of war to eliminate freedom. For all of Obama's "good deeds" those three acts will forever make him a traitor to the American people just like Bush before him. Stop looking at what they give you and start looking at what they are taking away.

Trey Conrad more than 3 years ago

Shame on us.

Isn't the truth and problem with our government that both the Democratic & GOP parties continue to demonize each other for their own self serving purposes of "winning" at all expense?!! The outcome of course is American government fails to live up to it's potential of operating as a true bi-partisan government where liberal and conservative values work together to service ALL Americans. Shame on us.

more than 3 years ago