My Candidate: A Ron Paul Revolution



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Ron Paul

Great article! To Fran above, he is part of the establishment that actually admits it's faults. Funny how he has consistently had the same beliefs yet is still in D. C. Obviously he puts his beliefs in our country and individual liberty above his own job security.

Sea more than 3 years ago


Fran, thx for reading this piece & for your comments! I must say that I am not registered w. any particular party...just genuinely interested/supportive of many (not all) of the positions Dr. Paul takes regarding big issues...especially foreign policy. I suppose I wish the positions of spending less on military & staying out of others' affairs were more 'mainstream'. Stay on the lookout for more presidential candidate features in the weeks to come:) -DF

D.E. Ferraris more than 3 years ago

Ron Paul

The woman who walked into Ron Paul's headquarters commented "He's the purest protest I can make against the corruption in Washington, DC". Ron Paul has been in Washington. DC for 12 terms. He is part of the establishment! He has not gained any traction with his ideas because they are so radical (his foreign policy ideas, primarily) and out of the main stream. That is not where the majority of the electorate is in this country and therefore he will not be the candidate for the GOP. Look at the numbers as to who can win against Obama. That is our main objective; is it not?

Fran Bergere more than 3 years ago