March 18, 2012

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Mike Thielke

Mike Thielke is beyond generous with his advice, especially as regards formulating a step-by-step plan for fundraising. He is never too busy to offer support and encouragement!

Sandra Johnson more than 2 years ago

Mike Thielke

Interesting article, Amanda. I've had the pleasure of consulting with Mike for help with CFF plans. He is amazing - full of ideas, energy and positivity. He and his company, ESEC, are a wonderful, important asset to our community.

Rhonda Thomson more than 2 years ago

How much is six months of Savvy worth?

AD - Talbot Humane
  • I grew up in this town and as you see these stories come up and see the discrimination and slefishn...

    Advocate | In Our Backyard

  • can anyone join? how much for dues?

    jackie armstrong | The Soul of Cycling

  • I would like to join the group!

    Jenny Tinjum | Swap and Sell Goes Viral