Bagging Hunger



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Thank you from the Federalsburg Lions

Thank you so much for this vital information in today's very needy world. We are looking into doing this project and needed some important guidance. The information about the resource from Anne Arundel county public schools will certainly help us making decisions and plans for how to go about this project in the most effective way. Your enthusiasm for the work you are doing in Talbot County will act as an inspiration to our Lions Club. We wish EES continued success with their significant initiative to help today's children grow into tomorrow's healthy and successful adults.

Chris more than 3 years ago

Volunteering - packing bags

When and where will food bags be packed next fall (Sept. on)?
We may have some 4-H Clubs interested in participating.
Contact Pat: 410-822-1244

Pat Murphy more than 3 years ago

Thank you!

Megan and Emily, You are heroes just by doing what makes sense. Thank you to you both! Thanks to Patty for covering this story! Well done!

Friend more than 3 years ago

This is great

I am amazed and impressed by how this group of volunteers can do so much with so little. Reading about folks in the county volunteering to support this program is inspiring.

On the other hand, "Talbot County [pop. ~ 38,00] sits securely in the list of top 100 richest counties in America based on the per capita income", yet there are people going hungry and homeless here. This is difficult to wrap my head around. This county has enough wealth and economic productivity that no on here should have to go homeless or hungry. With just a slight tax increase (a fraction of a percent) the support that is provided through the Carepack program could be provided to everyone in Talbot County who is in need.

Howard more than 3 years ago

Very Awesome!

I think this is so great! After reading this I thought it would be cool if there was a way to partner up with someone who likes doing those extreme coupon shopping trips! It would be a great way to stock up on supplies and save a ton of money.

jaime more than 3 years ago