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Green is Good!

My husband, Michael, and I are Green Energy converts. We had Ryk install a solar array on the back portion of our house a couple of years ago. The drop in our electricity bills was so astounding, we decided to go for the full Monty. Last Spring Green Energy installed the 2nd phase or our solar which included moving from oil fired furnace to a heat pump. We took out a 15 year loan to cover the installation, but the monthly payment on the loan is actually less than the budget rate we used to pay for oil. By applying the Federal & State rebates as well as any income from our Energy Credits, we should have the loan payed off in less than 10 years.

Based on recent oil price history, we feel we made a smart move both financially and environmentally. There have only been a couple of months we have had electric bills and those were not much higher than our pre-solar bills used to be. LOL, I swore I would never have solar panels on the front of my house, but now, when I pull in my driveway, I feel just a little proud that we took a step to "Get off the Camels Back".

An extra bonus was working with Ryk... He is one of the finest business men we have ever dealt with. He knows his stuff and is very honorable. We would recommend him to anyone considering a green energy project.

Oh, and can't forget Andi! Her shop is one of my favorites in town and the first place I go when I need a special present. She has an excellent eye and it's wonderful that she represents some of the best local artists! What a great addition to Easton!

Karen Boldosser more than 3 years ago