Searching for Guadalajara



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El Dorado

We finally went to El Dorado last weekend. We recently bought a house in the neighborhood and El Dorado is within walking distance.

The food was fresh and tasty, the service polite and prompt, the restaurant was clean and the margaritas were spot on! Oh yeah, everything was resonably priced too. Next time, I'll try the tacos al pastor!

Buck more than 3 years ago


Have to add Plaza Tapatia, try the shrimp soup (Sopa Camarones)!
Great objective review. We need an authentic Thai restaurant!

Judith more than 3 years ago

Searching for Guadalajara

Thanks so much for reading, Julie! We struggle with the balance between calling-it-like-we-see-it and living in such a small town. It can be tricky. Let us know if you have any story ideas or would like to be a contributor. You can find our emails in the "About Us" section at the top of this page.

Amanda more than 3 years ago


Excellent article, Amanda! Although I don't eat a lot of the traditional dishes (am vegetarian), I agree with your synopses of the 'Mexican' restaurants in Easton. My cousin speaks fluent Spanish, and has been to Spain and Mexico, and he says all those little places on Dover Street are authentic, delicious, and have great prices. I enjoy your writing style and dedication to honest journalism.

Julie more than 3 years ago