March 11, 2012

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Crossfit is not just an international exercise program; it’s a lifestyle. “People liken it to a cult,” says Easton Crossfit owner, Leah VanHoose. “If you can get through a Crossift workout, you can get through anything.” Indeed, those who are members of one of the numerous affiliates are firm believers that no other fitness regimen could offer the same level of intensity or results.  

On the Eastern Shore and throughout Delaware there are no fewer than eight Crossfit affiliates, indicating not only the fervor that is associated with this franchise, but also it’s success. Though these area gyms share a name and a fitness program, the members, like all athletes, have a desire to compete to see which Crossfit comes out on top. So they decided to get together four times per year and participate in the Eastern Shore Affiliate Challenge (ESAC).

“Salisbury started it,” says VanHoose. “They wanted all Eastern Shore Crossfitters to meet each other.” Each affiliate takes a turn hosting and devising the exercises members will execute.  

“This is the second challenge we’ve done,” says VanHoose.  “The winning gym gets a cup to keep until the next competition.” On March 24th, Easton Crossfit will open its doors and become the next venue for the Challenge.

VanHoose has created a demanding program which includes both individual and team challenges. Individuals will participate in kettle ball swings, thrusters, and max back squats. Teams will work through a series of stations where two members will be performing sit-ups, push-ups, squats, box jumps, walking lunges, among others; while the other teammate will be running a 200 meter dash while holding a sandbag. Teams are eliminated if the runner takes longer than two minutes.  

The competition is an open one where men and women compete against each other. “We will have a prescribed weight,” says VanHoose. “One for men and one for women. We group people according to their ability.”  The idea of grouping people according to their ability is one of Crossfit’s main philosophies.  They structure their workouts so that a both a Navy Seal and a senior citizen can do them.

Easton Crossfit’s clientele is as varied as any other. This will be reflected in the competitors who are standing up to make sure Easton brings home the cup.  “There are 10 members competing,” says VanHoose. “Both men and women.”

Easton’s competition doesn’t end with the members. VanHoose has decided to get the community involved.  She is offering a free one month membership to the person who records him or herself doing the most number of complete push-ups in two minutes. “They need to lower themselves all the way down to the ground, lift their hands up, then push themselves back up,” explains VanHoose.  Those interested in participating should post their videos on the Crossfit Nation Facebook page by March 23rd, with the winner announced at the March 24th competition.

If watching competitions is more appealing than participating in one, the ESAC welcomes the public. Onlookers can enjoy a sandwich from the BBQ Joint, grab some coupons from Reebok, or maybe even enjoy a cup of coffee from Rise Up.  Kill Cliff and 2Pood Apparel will be there featuring products to enhance your work out routine.

From those who are professed fitness junkies to those who have little more than an idle curiosity for things health related, the ESAC offers a day of healthy competition sure to please. You never know, you may just catch the Crossfit bug and walk away eager to train for the next Affiliate Challenge.  


March 11, 2012

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Crossfit good

I've really enjoyed Crossfit.

I spent the last two years running, swimming and biking and was sick of the monotony. Crossfit offers a variety of workouts that focus on real-world movements and the people are a hoot.

For those interested in trying it out, there is a great Fundamentals class that eases you in to the basic movements while giving you a sense of what the gym is all about.

The gym is located at Needwood and S. Higgins st, right next to rails to trails.

Neoma Rohman more than 2 years ago

Kudos to LEAH

I look forward to this challenge. I think Leah is an amazing woman. Awesome job getting the community involved.
As I am not yet a hard core body, I know I will be there soon

April Buchman more than 2 years ago

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