Pretend Tragedy Narrowly Averted at White Marsh Elementary



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I think the boy's mother should voluntarily release her son's behavioral records and also disclose what his FIRST first grade suspension was all about. Then maybe we can judge.

Terry more than 2 years ago

It's a Shame

It is a shame that a boy with a long documented history of serious behavioral problems is going to slip though the cracks. Joke all you want, but the school was not able to tell the real story, leaving the parents, once again, to ignore the problem and live in a fog that their son is just a typical boy. We all blame schools and parents when bad behavior manifests itself into something more, down the road. This was the school's attempt to instill some much needed early intervention. It is terrible for the Star Democrat, The Drudge Report, and Fox News to jump on the bandwagon with out actually reporting fairly.

Bill more than 2 years ago


Stupid AND in poor taste. Congratulations.

Clark Kent more than 2 years ago


I nominate you for School Board. We need you! This made me smile and wonder where in the world is TCPS's common sense. I'm wondering about the tea parties though.

Cari Corey more than 2 years ago


Thanks Teri! Sorry your family went through this, but at least we can find some humor in the situation.

Thanks Tim. I appreciate it!

Phil more than 2 years ago

Love it

"This article's a framer" said the boy's mother :) Thank you for a much needed giggle!

Teri Bildstein more than 2 years ago


Nice Phil. Really good, solid piece. Love it

Tim Weigand more than 2 years ago

How much is six months of Savvy worth?