The Important Conversations



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conversations with your son

Boys are great and I love both of mine. One of the hardest things I'm learning is when NOT to say something- to let things settle and see what "rises to the top". That's how I'm (hopefully) getting better at being a mother to grown young men!!
Great blog, Amy!!!

Melissa more than 3 years ago


Hahahahaha, that boy! Funny and true. I read an awesome article on the plane about fulfilling your dreams and goal setting that I (of course) left on the plane. I want to dig it out on the web and share it with you. It is great for our babes to read.

Kimberly Weller more than 3 years ago

important conversations

good one! i can hear Connor's words drifting through you house....

cb more than 3 years ago

Keep the laughter

They hear a lot more than they let on, at least till they are 30 something when life has touched them a little more as they are on their own and they "look back" and sometimes "think back" on times at home with nostalgia. Then it is time to "get even" with some laughter as visiting my oldest son one late afternoon, who loves to cook , I asked him "what's for dinner mom" and we did have a good laugh......Have a great class but do not let formulas spoil the laughter and craziness, they do make great memories to hold on to.

Lorie Mumaw more than 3 years ago


Great post Amy! I can hear Connor saying it now. And by the way...what's for dinner?!

Tracey Munson more than 3 years ago

They continue to learn after high school.

Sometimes the high school kids are hard to reach. Their parents don't know anything, after all. They may not be ready to hear what you have to say.

A college student living in an apartment for the first time is more apt to listen. It may suddenly dawn on them that you were right when you said they could save a lot of money by eating in more often.

Carol Trice more than 3 years ago

The class!

Join the class! Wednesday evenings 6:30-7pm beginning Feb. 15th at St. Mark's UMC. E-mail

Angie Nestel more than 3 years ago

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