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Eastern Shore Savvy is a Talbot and Dorchester County-based online newspaper that features human interest news stories, a comprehensive daily events calendar, blogs, art and thoughtful commentary.  We seek to build and enhance community by telling the stories of the people, places, businesses and organizations of the Eastern Shore.


patty Patty Hamsher

Playground Editor and Writer

  Cultivator of domesticity with an insatiable wanderlust.

campingLeslie Orndoff


At the mercy of three adorable tyrants, fitness junkie with an insatiable sweet tooth.

campingKim Stolz

Events and Contributor

About Us - NickNicholas P Richards

Site Graphics & Contributor

Daddy, husband, filmmaker, writer, & cook.

campingAmanda Priestley

Business Manager & Founder

Mommy, wannabe speedskater, and believer in the power of creative expression.

beachJaime Frankos

Lead Ad Salesperson

Mother of two boys, passionate about business strategies and sales, and loves to travel.


World As I See It Blogger

catsDoris Valliant

Retired Life Blogger

Retired English teacher, owned by two rescue cats.

coffeeMike Valliant


amy eyeAmy S.

Lived to Tell Blogger

Writer, mother of Generation Y teens, lover of funk music and the sea


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