Hunting for Art in St. Michaels

“We felt it was a great way to involve local merchants as well as the public with the art community,” says George Hamilton, a contributing artists to the hunt as well Art League member. “To link us together and have fun at the same time.” more »

Jul 13, 2014 -the-studio-

Singing in Spanish

She tried to absorb as much of the musical language of her country as she could. “I wanted to learn so that I could teach it and share it with the kids.” more »

Jul 9, 2014 -the-studio-

A Man and His Oysters

“It’s very new. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing,” Tim admits as he drags his gloved hand through the muddy shells. “And I honestly think that is to my advantage because I have no traditional ways to trip me up.” more »

Jul 8, 2014 -lifestyle-

Enough to Eat in Talbot County

“One in ten Talbot County residents is what is called food insecure,” explains Jan Willis from the Talbot Family Network. “Even more significant, one in five children are food insecure.” more »

Jul 2, 2014 -hot seat-

From Bad Company to Great Cook

Now the former rock star has become a sort of gastronomic entrepreneur, founding the popular Eating Rehoboth food tour as well as offering up his rather expansive knowledge on Italian wine and cuisine for in-home dining. more »

Jul 1, 2014 -lifestyle-

SLIDESHOW: Summer Festivals and Fairs on the Shore

Summer memories are made at traveling carnivals and traditional festivals. We found a dozen free or pay-as-you-go ways to have summer fun. Which is your favorite small town fair? Where do you find the best funnel cakes and amusements? more »

Jun 29, 2014 -downtown-

Time for Recess

"A kindergartener's attention span can be pretty erratic. Combine that with high levels of energy and you have fidgety kids that aren't getting the most out of lesson plans, simply because they haven't exercised enough." more »

Jun 25, 2014 -playground- (1 Comments)

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