For the Love of Music

Unexpectedly let go from his day job six months ago, Justin is now making music his full time job and taking a chance that the time and energy he can now put into it will pay off big in the end. more »

Aug 18, 2014 -the-studio- (1 Comments)

Detecting Depression

The National Alliance on Mental Illness reports that one out of every five children suffers from some form of mental illness, most often depression. more »

Aug 13, 2014 -lifestyle-

Raising an American Girl

Is it possible to keep the American Girl experience special in the midst of so much mass merchandising and temptation? more »

Aug 12, 2014 -playground-

The Legacy of Dr. Michael Judd

“Dr. Judd was by her side the entire time. No matter the time or day, we knew we could call him for help. He was her angel.” She adds, “There was never any discussion regarding finances. That never crossed his mind.” more »

Aug 12, 2014 (24 Comments)

The Most Expensive Member of the Family

“When surgery or other medical issues arise people often decide they just can't do the above-and-beyond care their pet needs, and surrender them to the shelter. This is the most responsible choice, even though it is tough for the pet owner.” more »

Aug 6, 2014 -hot seat- (1 Comments)

Preparing for Preschool

Wendy Basil, whose son attends the threes program, reports, “Most of the teachers have been there for many years, which to me proves it's a great working environment and they enjoy what they do." more »


Easton's First Peace Camp

UUFE welcomed 18 campers this week, between the ages of four to nine. Each night we opened by sharing a peace pledge to remind ourselves about talking kindly to others, treating people with care, and building peace in our communities each day. more »

Aug 3, 2014 -downtown- (1 Comments)

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