A Look Inside the Chesapeake Film Festival

We came across some stunning narratives—beautifully crafted and acted—some quirky comedies, some from local filmmakers, and some truly interesting documentaries that keep the viewer engaged and on the edge of their seat till the end. more »

Sep 3, 2014 -the-studio-

Gabe's Ride

Eight months out from surgery that removed 40% of the tumor, Gabe will hop on the back of his dad’s motorcycle in the name of raising funds and awareness for pediatric brain tumor research and support. more »

Sep 1, 2014 -playground-

Funding the Life of An Ingredient

“It’s a concept I’ve been working on for a few years,” he begins. Basically Jordan will pick an ingredient from a local farm—a tomato, a pig or chicken, even a spice—and take it to one of his large network of chef friends. more »

Aug 29, 2014 -the-studio-

To Drink or Not to Drink

He raised a question about how many of us cope with the demands of 21st century life: with dwindling time and energy and an overload of to-dos and distractions, are we relying on alcohol too much as a coping strategy? more »

Aug 25, 2014 -hot seat- (1 Comments)

Settling into The Lazyjack

Though the island offers a vacation experience seemingly worlds away from the buzz of Easton and St. Michaels, the secret truly is the love that this husband and wife duo have invested into this small slice of the hospitality business. more »

Feb 10, 2013 -lifestyle-

A Mother's Learning Curve

This school year is beginning like the three before: me contemplating if I have my kids in the optimal learning environment for them. Should I home school? Is private school the best? more »

Aug 19, 2014 -playground- (2 Comments)

For the Love of Music

Unexpectedly let go from his day job six months ago, Justin is now making music his full time job and taking a chance that the time and energy he can now put into it will pay off big in the end. more »

Aug 18, 2014 -the-studio- (1 Comments)

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